[CLOSED] Error while (re)starting the platform


I get the following error while trying to start or restart the NRP on Ubuntu 20.04 (dual-booted with Windows 11) with the docker installation:

Error response from daemon: Cannot restart container nrp: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint nrp (64928c2ec18377acd64da4722173946d4864487c6b55b70457fcfbde40bdcf25): Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp4 bind: address already in use

I suspect that is why I cannot open any experiments in the NRP and the server status is red.

I will be grateful for your help with accessing the experiments.


Hi Mikolaj,

You seem to have another process blocking the port 8888.

netstat -pnlt

should list the ports used on your computer and you can identify what’s using 8888 and kill the process.

Best regards