I can already add files from the ui, why not folders?


I have been asked to ask this here.


@olivier: any ideas about this one?


Currently we only support multiple-files, single-folder upload. We might add this functionality later if people are interested.


I think the question is about adding folders as nav items, rather than uploading to the Collab Storage…


Yeah, sorry, the question wasn’t well posed, as it was a copy and paste from another source.

Basically, when you browse the ‘Collab Storage’, and click on a file, there is a ‘Add to Navigator’ option, which is handy if you want to create a reference to that file. I’m hoping that it can be extended to work with folders as well: a reference in the Navigation hierarchy that points to a specific folder, and when clicked, would open it for navigation in the workspace.



I add the same issue when I want to reference to some documentation I put in the collab storage. I put several pdf files in a collab storage directory and then I could not refer to that directory in the navigation.


Any update on this topic?


If I understand correctly your needs… I have been able to put in the nav bar a reference to a folder using the “ADD” button in the nav and then searching for “Storage Browser” (in the “Collaboratory Basics” category). The “Add to Navigation” button produces an item in the navigation bar you can edit and set, selecting the destination folder (or file) (“Root folder or file to display:”).
Hope it helps, sorry if you had already solved (I apologize if I was not supposed to revive this topic - I have received ad alert about “old topic”)