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About the Summit 2015 Hackathon category (1)
Use individual neuron model from BlueBrain's nmc-portal (3)
Working with the SpiNNaker Neuromorphic Hardware (9)
Hacktivity around the Collaboratory (6)
Dockerize R functions for the MIP federation analytics platform (2)
Using MIIND to model circuits of neural populations (1)
Spikey neuromorphic system - introduction and hands-on session (6)
Solving an optimization problem with DEAP (python evolutionary algorithm framework) and the IBEA selector (3)
Simplification of detailed models (2)
Nengo, robots and SpiNNaker - Introduction and hands-on session (3)
Learn how to use the eFeature Extraction Library (1)
Create an AngularJS component out of the existing Visualization Web Services viewer (1)
Deploy the Visualization Web Services in the Collab (1)
Make a C++ application compatible with an existing Visualization Web Service infrastructure (3)